Anti-tack agent for rubber strip and sheets

Anti-tack agent for rubber strip and sheets

“My rubber compound is sticking and dirtying the factory, do you have a solution?”


A manufacturer of rubber strips had several problems with the storage of its rubber strips, when winding on the spool.

The compounds stick together, become very whitish, loosen excess dust, the Anti-tack agent used was in high concentrations and at high cost.

Tiras Brancas


OCEAN’s technical team visited the customer and recommended the Anti-tack agent product for rubber compounds, Anti-tack RuberZol RA137C.

The product was the most recommended to end the problem of sticking one strip to the other, it reduced the problems of a very heavy compound of powder, making it whitish and our product was used in much smaller quantities.

Tiras com Anti-tack

Final result

See the difference between rubber strips with Anti-tack RuberZol RA137C.

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